Demolition in Silverio Compound Sucat, Paranaque caused traffic jam

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An ongoing demolition in Paranaque City has caused heavy traffic along Sucat Road, police said.silverio-compound-demolition-paranaque.jpg

The demolition of shanties and stalls in Silverio Compound that began around 8 a.m. today, has snarled traffic from the compound towards the Ninoy Aquino International Airport as people affected by the demolition gathered on the streets, Paranaque police Radio Operator Edito Flores said.

While no report of any untoward incident has reached the station as of posting time, around 100 cops, some in full anti-riot gears, has been deployed to maintain order in the vicinity of the demolition site.

This is a fresh news from ABS-CBN. will monitor this case and hopefully this won't be the same with the demolition that happened in Quezon city which ended up with multiple wounded residents. We know that the government is trying to clean the area as they consider these shanties an eye sore but we don't like to see this like a battleground between police officers and the settlers.

For those people who will demolish those small crafted houses, don't be so arrogant because of your police escorts. Respect your fellow countrymen. They also seek refuge and home for their family who earns too little to feed their entire family. Be good brothers. We can build our nation the calmest way.

Achieve progress without alienating our own brothers and sisters.

Updated article: Silverio Compound Demolition in April 2012 left 39 injured and 1 casualty

  • The photo in this article is not related to the actual demolition scene.




Posted by on 07 Mar 2012

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