Rochelle Geronda - another rape-slay victim in Laguna

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Rochelle Geronda, 14-year-old sampaguita vendor and a student of Los Baños National High School Rochelle-Geronda-rape-victim-los-banos-laguna.jpg was found Thursday morning dead and naked with several stab wounds in her body. Another heinous crime recorded five months after Given Grace Cebanico rape-slay case in October last year. Grace was also recovered with a bullet in her head.

Geronda was last seen around 8 p.m. on February 27 when she left their home in Riverside Subdivision to go to a computer shop. Police investigation revealed that Geronda never arrived at the computer shop. Her half-naked body was found the following morning in a banana plantation in the same village.

According to reports a number of people, including the caretaker of the property where Geronda’s body was recovered and the owner of the house closest to the site, had undergone swab tests with the police.

Local Police response

Laguna police director Senior Superintendent Gilbert Cruz issued an immediate reshuffle of police officers in the area. Los Baños chief Supt. Dante Novicio would be transferred to the provincial police office in Sta Cruz town and a former intelligence officer in the provincial police office-Chief Inspector Conrado Masungsong, would take over Novicio’s post while the rest of the police officers would be reassigned to other police stations in Laguna to undergo training effective Monday, Cruz said.

“Los Baños will be temporarily under the provincial police command,” Cruz said.

Recent murder incidents including the killing of Ray Bernard Peñaranda, a Bachelor of Science in Agriculture student, prompted officials from the UPLB, the local government and the police to move to an earlier date this week a security summit originally scheduled for March 24.

The provincial and local government immediately offered P100,000 reward for any information that may lead police to the suspect in the Geronda rape-slay case who currently remains on the loose. extends full support for immediate justice of Rochelle Geronda's rape-slay case and Ray Bernard Peñaranda murder case.

The photo of Rochelle Geronda is courtesy of Jerard Eusebio whom I think loves street photography.

Some parts of this article is taken from PDI news.

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