Ray Bernard Peñaranda stabbed dead in University of the Philippines (UPLB) Laguna

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Ray Bernard Peñaranda, a third-year BS Agriculture student of the University of the Philippines Ray-bernard-Penaranda-Ray-bernard-Penaranda.jpgLos Baños (UPLB) and a resident of Tanay, Rizal was stabbed in the right chest by two motorcycle-riding men in the vicinity of Barangay (village) Batong Malake at around 1:30 a.m. Sunday and was pronounced dead upon arrival at the Los Baños Doctors Hospital, police said.

This incident is now causing fear and rage in the UPLB community as it happened less than a week after a high school student-Rochelle Geronda (click to read rape-slay case of Rochelle Geronda) was raped and murdered in the same vicinity.

Peñaranda, who was with two other male UPLB students, had come from a dance rehearsal and was on his way home to a rented apartment when attacked by two unidentified suspects aboard a motorcycle along F.O. Santos Street in Barangay Batong Malake, according to Novicio, who was interviewed earlier Sunday before his relief was announced by Cruz.

He said Peñaranda’s companions told the police that it was the motorcycle’s back rider who punched and stabbed the victim with a knife after announcing a hold-up.

Peñaranda’s companions described the suspects as full-bodied but failed to give a detailed description after the students ran away and sought help.

The suspects immediately fled after the incident.

Students are setting up a university-wide campaign to seek justice and tighter security inside and outside the campus.

DiversityHuman.com extends full support for immediate justice of Rochelle Geronda's rape-slay case and Ray Bernard Peñaranda murder case.

Remarks: Please note that the image shown in this article is taken from oble.ph I've searched facebook and found https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1815742800 but I could not confirm if that is his own FB account.

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Posted by DiversityHuman.com on 05 Mar 2012

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