Desperate move to stop men from having external love affairs

By: Marisse in Social Issues

Filipino men are great lovers and as a matter of fact they love several women at a time. Even without Girls-make-money-mistress.jpgquantitative/statistical data it looks so true. If you don't agree, that's fine. Just call it stereotyping or whatsoever.

We often hear in our community that it's an ordinary thing if a man has several mistresses rather a woman to have multiple external love affairs. If we are going to trace this social impression, it looks like that our community is battling this issue for quite a while. Established family were ruined in a matter of seconds, attempted suicide, deaths, etc. happened whenever secret affairs were revealed or if a woman caught her husband cheating. Not just that, sudden population growth can also be accounted from these external affairs and of course the deadly sexually transmitted disease (STD) threats. Now, is there a way to make a hard stop of this social norm?

In Indonesia, Gorontalo administration on northern Sulawesi island made an official recommendation to its 3,200 men civil servants to transfer their monthly pay directly into their wives' bank accounts. In response, 90 percent of the workers voluntarily joined the initiative.

"I'm pretty sure this will eliminate the possibility of love affairs that undermine families," government spokesman Rifly Katili told AFP. Moreover, this kind of initiative will also empower the employees' wives to learn about household budget management," he said. Katili also stated that many wives had complained to the governor that their husbands withheld how much they earned, typically between one and four million rupiah ($110-$440) a month.

Katili highlighted men to have uncontrollable behaviors if they have too much money in their pocket. Thus, the greater chance of committing external love affairs. However, in the Philippines I don't think that money is main factor for men to look for another woman.

Given that President Ninoy Aquino will sign a bill like this, would you think that this could be the most effective way to alleviate** external affairs in the Philippines?

**I don't like to use the word of Katili. I believe this issue can no longer be eliminated but there is a great chance that we can lessen the numbers of men having external love affairs.




A simple girl with a simple dream-to become a renowned professor. I did not finish college due to financial misfortune. I may not be lucky enough to be part of a rich clan in the Philippines, but I made myself independent and I am on my own since high school. I am a trying hard blogger. I have a lot of grammar issues but I will continue to persevere and learn new things everyday to be a more effective blogger in the community.

Posted by on 04 Mar 2012

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