NIKEiD help's you design your own shoes

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Do you find yourself in trouble looking for the best fit shoes you want?

Well, you don't have to worry now since Nike offers a valuable service that would help you create and design your shoes. Check out the NikeiD page. This is Nike's cool service for individuals who want to design their own kind of shoes. The idea is that you can select and specify colors, sizes, cushioning, and IDs. With that said, you can let them stitch your name or a short phrase.

You can also get Nike+ID. These are shoes where you can place the Nike+iPod sensor in the compartment in the left sole. So, if you want to have a unique shoes, visit NIKEiD page and start customizing your own pair of shoes.

Guys, take a look at the sample design below. FYI, I didn't make it. My close friend did and it is his official entry for the NIKEiD Contest. He call it "Ferrari KB System".

If you like his design, kindly hit the image to visit the page (or follow the link below) and click 'LIKE'.





Posted by on 02 Mar 2012

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