Bela Padilla's FHM cover versus Bela Padilla FHM cover

By: DiversityHuman in Celebrity

After heavy negative feedback received by FHM from both netizens bela-fhm-sexy-controversial-sexy-racist-cover-racist.jpgand social networking users when it released it's March issue, they made an apology, recalled the magazine and drafted a new concept. The photo on the right replaced the so-called racist FHM cover of Bela Padilla. Not just the cover alone but the blurb was also changed from “Bela Padilla: Stepping out of the shadows” to “Bela Padilla: ‘I want to emerge with my own name.’” Does it sound an epic fail?

The original FHM cover is the image below.


FHM was in a hurry to meet the deadline. They definitely scrapped the old better image, rushed things out, and came up with a wholesome photo of Bela Padilla. So what now? Will this satisfy those people who violently provided negative feedback?

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Posted by on 02 Mar 2012

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