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Dear readers and followers,

We've been down for nearly three (3) weeks due to some issues that I had to settle with my hosting providers. As mentioned before, our hosting account was suspended due to drastic huge inbound traffic we were getting weeks ago. But good news, we are back and we are better than before. No more bandwidth issues since DiversityHuman.com is now upgraded to a premium hosting service. It hurts our pocket but with our goals to share information we will continue to find means to overcome such hindrances. Our staff are struggling in paying our bills but again, we will exert more efforts to provide better service and to spread information all over the world for FREE! Forum_logo.png

So what's new?

So far, we officially launched DiversityHuman.com Community Forum. It is has a lot of sections where you can share your knowledge to everyone. Our staff decided to add a special category- Promotion Board which will literally allow everyone to promote their own products, blogs, business related stuff, etc. However, we don't allow promotion of hate, violence, and racism. Most of all, NO PORN and NO PROHIBITED DRUGS. We will remove such posts if ever it will occur.

To all BLOGGERS: The Promotion Board Section allows you to post your own blog articles. Our staff will feature blog article posts by putting it to sticky(pinned) status. Featured articles will also be flashed in the Forum News Banner at the top of the forum page.

promotion_board.png The forum staff will choose the featured article and will not be influenced by any forum contributors (as much as possible). Featured articles will be updated every 12 hours (6AM and another set of featured articles will replace it at 6PM).

DiversityHuman.com is preparing a lot of changes and we are drafting major features that will be added in the next few weeks. There will be so many surprises and prizes that will be given but still we don't have a definite time. We are expecting to finalize everything this quarter. Don't expect big cash prizes since we are facing funding issues. We will not ask any donation from you either. If someone is using DiversityHuman.com to solicit any donations from you, those people are not connected to us and we would ask you not to give anything.main_forum_page.png

For the meantime, this is the update that we can provide to you. Our main page wouldn't be updated that much as the entire staff are focusing on website improvements.

Again, we thank you for all of your support!


DiversityHuman.com Webmaster/Web Administrator

System Admin


System Admin

DiversityHuman.com Administrator came from a very humble beginning. Born in the middle of the jungle. Raised by a very loving mother. Grew with a very hard working father. Experienced poverty at the lowest level.

Posted by DiversityHuman.com on 28 Feb 2012

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