Soon to Rise: Canon Laser-printer factory in Philippines

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In anticipation of strong growth in global demand, Japanese high-tech giant Canon said Tuesday it would build a laser-printer factory in the Philippines. canon_pixma_ip4500.jpg

Construction of the facility in Batangas would start in April next year with the plant scheduled to begin production a year later, Canon said in a statement.

"The expected increase in future demand for competitively priced laser printers has created a pressing need for Canon to secure necessary production capacity while making it possible for the company to respond in a flexible manner," it said.

Once the factory will be in full operation, it is expected to employ 5,000 people by 2014. With that said, this will not just boost the generation of local employment opportunities but mainly a huge source of government income through taxation.

There are two primary reasons why the company has chosen the Philippines to house its new facility. First, due to its ready labor supply. They might have taken into consideration that we have thousands of skilled factory workers in each of our technological parks in Laguna, Cavite, and Batangas areas which could lessen rigorous and lengthy training periods. Second, many workers are able to speak English. One thing that Canon did not mention is our cheap salary grade. Well, we may no longer be the cheapest labor in Asia this time around.

Anyways, Canon has two existing Philippines-based subsidiaries. The company Monday posted a solid full-year result despite the difficult global economic environment. The printer business is among the main flagships of Canon together with other office products and cameras.

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Posted by on 03 Feb 2012

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