Starving Filipino Children

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This is an article I promised to create for my previous officemate. Thank you for your wall post! streetchildren.png

This holiday, a lot of family have various food prepared on the table. For about 2 weeks, everyday looks like a big feast. But not for all of us. Majority are still celebrating Christmas season while they starve and looking for something to eat while many of us are wasting food. Most of all, I hope that our corrupt government officials would change their hearts. I am almost losing hope that they would change but through this video I wish this could help.

Some noticeable comments from youtube users:

My Life was like this before when i was still in the Philippines.. We used to ask for leftovers from Jollibee or McDonald's Restaurant.. Even if we can only eat once a Day we are still thankful for the food and to God. But now, I'm here in Canada. and whenever i get back to Philippines, I help people who's living in the streets. or whenever i saw someone doing like this. thanks for this video, i can relate to my past life :( -PearlSmileyFacee

what a coincidence, i was having dinner at one of the food center in spore, then suddenly an old lady with plastic bag came by next to my table where there was food left over, she took the left over food and just pack it together with the rest of other leftover food in the plastic bag. i asked who it is for and she said its for her family at home, i was shock that i gave her some money but she refused to take it, she said tomorrow there wont be another person that would do the same. :( -vteczone




Posted by on 28 Dec 2011

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