How did the rape happen?

The victim narrated that she attended a small gathering at her aunt's house last May 2014. Then someone allegedly offered her some food including siopao and after she took a couple of bites, she became fully unconscious.

In a separate interrogation, Katkat also mentioned that someone tried to wake her up and forced her to take drugs. Then the girl could no longer recall what happened next.

Police investigators endorsed the 14-year-old gang rape victim to Bacolod social welfare office to undergo psychiatric test. The authorities wanted the agency to evaluate the patient due to irregularities in her statement. The report indicated that the victim initially claimed that she was raped in Iloilo, but later changed the location to Hinigaran and Pontevedra.

More crimes are happening all over the Philippines and death penalty has not been reinstated yet. The lawmakers are wasting too much time in deliberating the capital punishment when in fact it was previously in place until it was abolished by the former President Gloria Macapal Arroyo in 2006.

Do we have to wait until all women get raped before restoring the death penalty law?