Adult Content Censorship

We would like to inform our audience and loyal followers that we are formally changing our policies regarding a content which maybe categorized or viewed as an adult material. Adult content is not solely focused on images but also on the use of words. As much as we would like to be straight forward in providing necessary description of an incident which relates to sex, rape, scandal, etc., made a final decision to use an alternative way of writing such information.

We are pressured by the governing terms and conditions of Google Inc. We HATE this major change but we have to do this because our site isn't really getting any positive revenue. We are earning a very small amount from the ads we serve on our site. If we will be banned by Google or if Google will continue to drop our page ranks from its index, we may end up closing our site. We are relying our revenues from Google though it's not even enough to cover our monthly expenses.

Nonetheless, we will find a way to make our articles accurate and objective. Any subjective statement will always be explicitly cited on any of our articles just like what we usually do. Moving forward, we will filter and re-screen the articles that we published to make it family-oriented and more appropriate to the general audiences.

From time to time, we will update this page if there are any specific adult content policy that we changed in our site. is currently drafting a plan to launch a new blog site which could cover topics intended to mature audiences.

Published on Monday, May 6 2013 by System Admin

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