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Monday, March 7 2016

Woman Trapped in Elevator for Weeks, the Result is Shocking!

A woman was trapped and left inside the elevator for weeks in a certain building located at the northern city in China. The state media on Sunday reported the incident and the shocking truth was revealed to the entire community.

On January 30, a group of workers who belong to the maintenance team were tasked to repair an elevator that encountered several electrical failures. When they came inside the building, the elevator was reportedly stuck between the 10th and 11th floors. The crew went near the main lift cables and shouted towards the elevator car to check if there was someone in it. Since the group didn't hear any response, one of them went into the control cabinet and turned off the power supply.

Unfortunately, the scheduled repair was not completed on that particular day leaving the woman inside the elevator all by herself. Due to the Chinese New Year celebration in the succeeding week as well, the repairmen didn't return to the area until March 1, 2016.

After a month, the repairmen lifted the elevator and opened the landing doors. All of them were shocked on their horrific discovery. The workers saw tons of desperate scratches on the walls of the lift and the lifefess 43-year-old victim was lying on the floor. The woman's body was already in a decomposing state when it was retrieved from the location.

According to the government's crime investigation team, the death of the woman was caused by gross negligence and failure of the maintenance company to conduct thorough check before cutting the power of the machine. There should have been proper procedures followed by the repair team to verify if anyone was left inside the elevator.chinese-woman-trapped-in-elevator.jpg

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PNR Train Bridge Collapsed in Camarines Sur

A bridge maintained by Philippine National Railways (PNR) in Camarines Sur reportedly collapsed on early Saturday morning. According to eyewitnesses, the aging train bridge located in Barangay Apad, Ragay suddenly dropped causing a panic to nearby residents thinking that there are casualties from the accident.

The local settlers woke up early Saturday due to the noise they've heard coming from where the bridge is located. Locals in CamSur rushed to the destroyed PNR train bridge last week and jointly investigated the scene while waiting for the authorities to conduct proper inspection of the area.

From the photos published by the Kapuso network, the metal frames of the bridge are seen twisted in opposite angles and the supporting beams were totally wrecked. The damage of the PNR platform may possibly result to a huge impact on major businesses and could affect the movement of local products to other central commercial markets resulting to lost of income of our brothers who mainly depends on selling agricultural goods. There's no alternative livelihood that they can obtain while this bridge is not yet fixed.

In a report released by GMA news, the weak foundation of the bridge was already placed under close monitoring a few months back by the PNR provincial Engineering maintenance team as they started to notice the deteriorating condition of the infrastructure.

However, despite the inspection of the experts, no concrete action was made to rehabilitate and repair the bridge. Citing that the footing was no longer in good condition, they could have placed the train bridge under intensive restoration and reconstruction to provide constant service to the people in this location since this is a vital transportation in CamSur villages.

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Saturday, March 5 2016

Man Committed Suicide, Jumped to his death in SM Bacolod

A man committed a suicide and jumped to his death at a mall in Bacolod. He allegedly ended his life in SM city after he learned that his Filipina girlfriend is engaged to another romantic relationship.

The man, believed to be a foreigner, jumped off the 3rd level of the popular mall in Bacolod resulting to his immediate death. The incident immediately went viral on social media as several witnesses uploaded some of the horrific photos online.


A few hours later, major news agencies published more details of the case. The victim was identified as Richard Alexander Harbich, a 40-year-old native of Friedberg, Germany. The records of the local police showed that the German national previously reported that his Negrense fiancée was cheating on him. However, the authorities did not act on the personal matter.

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Saturday, February 6 2016

Video of Arrogant Engineer Joey Llana Carrying a Rifle Irked Thousands of Netizens

The alleged prank video of Engineer Joey Llana didn't draw laughs but instead it irked dozens of Filipino netizens. Users on social media claimed that the engineer displayed an utmost act of "arrogance".

A viral video which runs roughly 40 seconds featuring an engineer carrying a rifle is currently earning thousands of shares on Facebook after several internet users became upset of the prank. Many believe that Llana possessed a real gun though there are some claims that the engineer was only holding an M4A1 airsoft gun.


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Monday, December 21 2015

Unseen Video Footage: Miss Universe 2015 Candidates Favored Miss Colombia over Pia Wurtzbach

A viral 82-second video shows another instance of controversy as several Miss Universe 2015 candidates favored Miss Colombia over Miss Universe 2015 Pia Wurtzbach. The unseen footage was shared on social media by Miss Missosology with a description;

NOT SEEN ON TV! Some contestants supporting Miss Colombia and the awkward moment of the new Miss Universe from the Philippines.


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Sunday, June 21 2015

Sink Hole/Fault Line in Pangasinan Causes Panic

A land fissure found at a certain school in Pangasinan triggered concerns among students, teachers, and parents. The panic incident was merely due to many people who believe that it's a sink hole or could have been a new fault line traversing the school's perimeter.


Photo Courtesy of ABS-CBN news

A land crack or fissure was discovered by the students of Balite Sur Elementary School during the Brigada Eskwela 2015 clean-up behind their campus in Pangasinan. The initial report immediately spread to local residents causing sudden panic and fear to parents of the children.

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Sunday, June 7 2015

OFW News: Filipina Domestic Helper Killed in a Car Accident in Hongkong

An Overseas Filipino Worker(OFW) was reportedly killed on Monday evening due to a car accident along Pok Fu Lam Road in Hongkong. The 52-year-old housemaid sustained fatal injuries according to the medical experts.


Photo: Courtesy of

A press release statement issued by authorities fully describe the horrible accident. It mentioned that the driver of a concrete mixing truck lost control of the 30-ton vehicle along Pok Fu Lam at around 5 p.m. then it hit the car driven by a Filipina domestic helper. The 55-year-old Chinese lady, the OFW's employer, was also inside the car when the accident occurred.

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Ruby Lloren Robbed and Burned to Death in Malaysia

A pinay named Ruby Lloren was allegedly burned to death and robbed by an unidentified suspect in Malaysia last Tuesday. The crime reportedly occurred while her Malaysian husband was still at work.


Major news outlets in the Philippines published some information of the crime when the family members of Ruby Lloren allowed the local journalists to conduct a short interview. Sheila, sister of the victim, shared the tragic story to the press and said they learned the incident when Ruby's husband proactively communicated the crime on the same day that Ruby Lloren was burned to death in the couple's apartment in Malaysia.

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Friday, March 6 2015

Flag-down rates of Taxi Rolled Back to P30

The communiters were delighted to hear the announcement of the Land Transportation Franchising and Regulatory Board (LTFRB) on Friday regarding the taxi flag-down rate rollback. The government agency mentioned that the current cab fare will be cut down to P30.


Noticeable numbers of commuters including the Overseas Filipino Workers(OFW) immediately turned to social media to thank the LTFRB officials. OFWs returning home will benefit the said rollback since the provisional fare cut will also include the rate of airport taxi.

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Friday, December 26 2014

'Manyakis sa Jeep' Caught on Video Staring at Woman's Breast

An unidentified jeepney passenger was caught on camera staring at the woman's breast. The video of the said incident has gone viral on social media.


Women beware of perverts when riding a public utility jeep. Early December, a video showing a man deliberately staring the breast of the woman inside a jeepney has caught the attention of netizens. The said clip is titled "Manyakis sa Jeep".

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