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Sunday, June 7 2015

Enrique Gil's Naruto Move, Is He Really Gentleman or Gentlem@ni@c

Loyal supporters of Enrique Gil and haters of the Kapamilya actor are again arguing head-to-head whether the celebrity is really gentleman or a gentlem@ni@c who loves to do the NarutoMoves. The two colliding parties recently used the social media to air their arguments and as well to gain the approval of other people regarding their opposing claims.


After reviewing their sentiments, comments, and violent reactions, it turned out that haters of Enrique Gil were able to position a good argument by presenting some meme photos which validate their claims.

Here are some items of evidence shared by the haters of the actor on social media. They said, these should permanently close the question whether Enrique Gil is gentleman or gentlemaniac.

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Sunday, January 4 2015

Katrina Halili is Back, January 2015 FHM Magazine Cover Girl Photo

(Photo) Katrina Halili's surprising comeback as FHM Philippines January 2015 Cover Girl.

Katrina Halili made a surprising comeback on FHM Philippines. The controversial celebrity is the magazine's cover girl for January 2015 edition where she is seen wearing a white undergarment and a fur covering her goodies. The sexy actress graces the pages of the popular men’s magazine exactly 10 years since she was last featured by FHM.


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Monday, October 6 2014

Is Rayver Cruz Addicted to Steroids , Artificially Building Body Muscles?

Is it true that Rayver Cruz injected quite large amount of steroids to build his body muscles?

A photo of the local celebrity circulating in social media raised a question whether Rayver Cruz is addicted to steroids or not. Some netizens are also asking questions if the actor can sustain the dosage of steroids he infused to his body.

Many people are so quick in speculating that Cruz is indeed using such chemical to enhance his figure. Though it's true that steroids incredibly help in developing and increasing muscle mass, many studies revealed that too much intake of such compound can cause massive long-term effects to the human body.


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Photos of Famous Kapamilya Stars who Rode MRT and LRT

Several Kapamilya stars previously decided to take LRT and MRT rides to avoid traffic jams in the metro and to meet their engagement on time. We will list down the actresses and actors who gamely chose to ride the number one public transportation in metro Manila.

Queen of All Media Kris Aquino enjoyed her memorable MRT ride during the heavy rainfall and traffic jam along EDSA. Her photo immediately went viral after it was posted in social media. kris-aquino-mrt-ride-photo.jpg

Angel Locsin and Jericho Rosales also had their time on the local train. The Kapamilya stars squeezed themselves at the crowded MRT Ayala station. angel-locsin-jericho-mrt-ride.jpg

Another celebrity who took the advantage of speed and convenience of MRT was Anne Curtis. She also had an LRT ride before. Her sister, Jasmine, was also seen in one of her MRT rides. anne-curtis-mrt-lrt-ride.jpg

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Tuesday, September 30 2014

Sexy stars Beauty, Meg, and Bangs are among the Few UNTOUCHED Celebrities? (Video)

The famous Kapamilya comedian and TV host Vice Ganda challenged sexy stars Beauty, Meg, and Bangs to tell if they are still virgins in the latest episode of "Gandang Gabi Vice". The short video clip is raking thousands of Youtube views and has been shared a thousand times on Facebook as well.

The discussion started with Beauty telling her real life story. She related her attempt in putting up her own business. She said all of her efforts failed. Then Vice Ganda suddenly switched to Bangs and they talked about sexy photos she had on men's magazine. Later on, Vice Ganda asked who among them are still virgins. Beauty instantly quipped, "Nanaginip ako kagabi, virgin pa ako" which drew laughter to the studio audiences.


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Sunday, September 28 2014

Is Coleen Garcia the girl in Viral Sex Scandal Video?

Coleen Garcia firmly denied her rumored viral sex scandal video. In an interview, the Kapamilya star said she is 100% sure that she is not the woman in the video.

Many local bloggers already cited the fake sex video scandal of Coleen Garcia. The actress recently accommodated the exclusive interview of "The Buzz", where she mentioned that she is confident that the girl in the sex video is not her. So, there's nothing more that we can talk about. Let's have this topic die out in the next 2-3 days. :)


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Friday, September 26 2014

Badly Beaten Anne Curtis(Video) | Blood Ransom Movie Trailer

The 29-year-old TV host and actress Anne Curtis is seen badly beaten in her upcoming Hollywood film titled "Blood Ransom". The movie trailer which runs for 41 seconds reveals Anne Curtis' first day of shooting, the ABS-CBN news reports.

In the video, Anne Curtis is seen with a lot of blood all over her face. She warned co-star Alexander Doetsch (Jeremiah ) that a man is chasing them. It's a very short clip and it doesn't show a conclusive story line. However, in a separate movie trailer and promotional photos, it showed the badly beaten Anne Curtis holding Jeremiah "with her sharp fingernails pressed against his chest."


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Friday, September 12 2014

Kristel Moreno's No Underwear Photo at the Star Magic Ball

Kristel Moreno breaks silence after her controversial no underwear photo which was taken during the recent Star Magic Ball has gone viral on the internet. The picture of the former sexbomb girls member allegedly made the scandalous stunt to catch the attention of the media and other participants of the star-studded event held last Saturday at Makati Shangri-La hotel. Aside from having no panty, Kristel Moreno apparently did not wear her bra as well.

Kindly take a closer look of her photo below. Kristel Moreno's controversial appearance caused some noises online. The 23-year-old dancer received mixed reactions and criticisms from Filipino netizens. However, more local showbiz followers hated Kristel. Thousands of bashers aired their comments on Facebook and several bloggers listed her as the worst-dressed star of the night.

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Tuesday, August 26 2014

Anne Curtis does the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge (VIDEO)

After Kris Aquino and Vice Ganda's version of amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS) ice bucket challenge, Anne Curtis also decided to do the same. She accepted the challenge of "It's Showtime" hosts Billy Crawford and Coleen Garcia.


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Wednesday, August 13 2014

Oh Captain! My Captain!: Remembering Robin Williams

We grew up watching Robin Williams. Up until now, I would still find myself captivated whenever I randomly see his movies playing on cable TV. Anyone from my generation (and from any other generation) who has seen at least one of his many films would agree with me when I say he has left a mark in all of us. When he is not making us laugh with his crazy antics, he was making us cry. An exemplar of a really versatile actor.As we all mourn for losing such a talented and beautiful person; let us also remember the life lessons he has conveyed through his characters in some of my personal favorite Robin Williams' pictures.


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