Sunday, June 12 2016

Jessy Mendiola's Skills in Pole Dancing Tested on TV

A not so ordinary role was portrayed by Jessy Mendiola testing her physical strengths and skills in pole dancing. The Kapamilya star earned praises after netizens watched the full episode of Maalaala Mo Kaya(MMK), the longest anthology TV series in the Philippines.

Jessy Mendiola was seen many times dancing on stage. She did sexy swag dance and also tried the viral "work" dance and some other vine-like videos showing her jessylicous dance moves. Many fans, however, were stunned when she did an amazing pole dance on one of the episodes of MMK.

12 Jun 2016 DiversityHuman
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Facebook Insults Philippine Independence Day Celebration

Did Facebook INSULT Filipinos thru its greeting about Philippine Independence day?

Facebook is known for keeping its beloved users fully aware on important national holidays. The company has a certain feature that enables to blast a message to announce and greet its active users depending on its geographical location.

The intelligent design of the famous company had an epic fail today when it sent a wrong message to Filipino netizens who are commemorating their National Independence. A certain blog post described the failure of Facebook.

Though the mistake of Facebook wasn't really that critical to some people, thousands of Filipinos are still concerned on the graphical presentation of the national emblem of the country. The flag was inverted which could denote a very negative meaning to Filipino nationals.

12 Jun 2016 DiversityHuman
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Sunday, June 5 2016

Uber Driver Moves to Opposite Direction, Asks Passenger to Cancel the Booked Trip

Uber Car Driver Moves to a Different Direction, Requested the Passenger to Cancel the Trip Request

Uber service is one of the most patronized trip booking apps in Metro Manila as it is known for its secured payment, safety to passengers, and it offers more convenience to general commuters. Despite its good reputation, not all passengers received the expected exemptional service. Just like what we just encountered earlier when my partner tried to book a trip to Quezon city.

From the official website of Uber, its main landing page bears the message:

Tap the app, get a ride. Uber is the smartest way to get around. One tap and a car comes directly to you. Your driver knows exactly where to go. And you can pay with either cash or card.

Uber claims it's the "SMARTEST" and can give proper direction to its driver leading to the location of the passenger. Unfortunately, this wasn't the case earlier. The driver went into another location which was about 2-3 kilometers from us.

Series of Events

Let me list the details of the miserable incident to provide you a better picture of the case.

1. My wife sent a trip request using the Uber app. The pinned location was the exact street address where we at.
2. I noticed the location reflected in the app was pointing to a different address. 
3. I immediately asked my wife to send an SMS to the driver to tell him our exact location since the app isn't giving the right direction.
4. After nearly 7-8 minutes, we still didn't receive a reply from the driver.
5. We tried to call the number of the driver and we got a voice message telling us that "the number can not be reached".
6. After 2-3 minutes, we received a response from the driver asking our location.
7. My wife called the driver and I personally talked to him. I requested the driver to change his route going to our location but he declined saying that it's way too far.
8. I reminded him that we've sent him an SMS 10 minutes ago to advise him of our address. 
9. The driver disagreed and told me to cancel the request.
10. I insisted that we will be billed if we cancel the trip since it was already beyond the allowance per the Terms of Service(ToS) of Uber Philippines. So, I asked him to cancel the trip from his end if he will not proceed to our location.
11. The driver argued that he won't cancel the trip from his side. He also mentioned that he was just following the direction shown in the Uber app.
12. Just to end up the conversation, I told the driver that I will report the incident to Uber since we will be billed for a service that we didn't receive.
13. The driver asked me not to report him to UBER. I insisted that I am not going to report him but I will raise the case to Uber for investigation since it would be too unfair to my wife.

Repeated Wrong Pinned Location

This is not the first time that this case has happened to us. Back in March or April 2016, an Uber driver with car plate number MP1313 (Hyundai Accent) also committed the same error. He was heading to a certain Mercury drug store which was too far from Star Mall, EDSA. Another similar incident also occured to us last month. In February, it also happened when we book a trip from McKinley, Taguig city.

05 Jun 2016 DiversityHuman
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Monday, May 9 2016

Duterte Reached 7 Million Votes

As of 7PM, Duterte raked a total of 7M votes as reported by GMA news. Grace Poe is trailing around 3M to Duterte.

From the Commission on Elections (Comelec) Transparency Server the following partial counts were also reported by the elections committee.

Senator Grace Poe - 4,012,417
Mar Roxas -  3,847,989
Jojo Binay - 2,373,262
Miriam Santiago - 744,707

09 May 2016 DiversityHuman
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Duterte Leads the Unofficial Vote Count

The partial vote results revealed Mayor Rodrigo Duterte earning huge vote counts among the five presidential candidates.

As of 5:50 p.m. today, May 09, 2016, Mayor Digong got a total of 1,426,291 votes. From the Commission on Elections (Comelec) Transparency Server the following figures were also reported by the elections committee.

09 May 2016 DiversityHuman
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Haters of Duterte - Women Violate Traffic Law in Timog Avenue (Video)

The last wave of Duterte haters blocked the traffic flow along Timog Avenue. The protesters believe that their action is rational and rightfully acceptable despite the fact that they interrupted the normal flow of the traffic in the area.

The brave protesters, however, covered their faces preventing the bypassers and vehicle owners to identify them one by one. 


The rally was organized at the middle of the intersection in Quezon city is a clear violation to the rights of general public. Moreover, traffic rules can not be compromised for such isolated movement or campaign.

09 May 2016 DiversityHuman
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Sunday, May 8 2016

(Updated)COMELEC's No Selfie Policy is Only Applicable to the Poor

COMELEC issued a rule regarding "No Selfie Policy" inside the voting precincts but this guideline seems to have exemptions that the general public is not aware of. Eventhough the officials declaired a strict implementation of the rule, a select few were given the chance to have a photo captured inside the precinct.

Thousands (if not millions) of netizens are furious about the selfie of Daniel Padilla showing the actor holding his official ballot. The other voter from the background, however, covered her face probably thinking that she will commit violations to the rule of COMELEC if her face is shown up. (scroll down if you want to check the latest update on this report)


We can't just figure out why the officials of the elections 2016 governing body didn't stop the blatant offense of the famous celebrity. More so, why Gretchen Fullido took the photo considering that there are several voters behind the actor too!

08 May 2016 DiversityHuman
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Cellphone Thief Caught on Video

An unidentified man stole a smartphone of a certain store crew who left the gadget on top of the glass display cabinet. The thief was initially hesitant to grab the phone but after having a second thought, he took the phone and went away.


The incident was recorded by the store's CCTV camera on April 18, 2016. It was uploaded by the Facebook page admins of "Trending Pa-More". The 37-second clip has been shared 26,000+ times but no significant update has been reported if the suspect has been caught or not.

Watch the video for yourself. If you are familiar with the suspect, immediately report to the nearest police station so the authorities can hunt him down.

08 May 2016 DiversityHuman
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Sunday, April 24 2016

Traffic Violation Promo - 50% Discount on Traffic Fines in Manila

A certain enforcer who belongs to the Manila Traffic and Parking Bureau (MTPB) was caught on camera deliberately offering "50% discount on traffic violation fines". The said report is available at the famous Facebook page of Top Gear Philippines.

A 43-second viral video is currently circulating on various Facebook pages and closed groups depicting the abusive action of the unidentified traffic enforcer who bargained the violation fees of a private driver. In the short clip, one can really conclude that the MTPB enforcer was serious in his suggestion so the motorist can save money.


If you scrutinize the scene, the discount proposal was made in broad daylight. The officer is obviosuly confident and didn't have any hesitation to his actions. This only means that these enforcers could have victimized hundreds of drivers-both innocent and real traffic violators.

Due to this continuous abuse, thousands of netizens are now wanting Mayor Duterte to lead the country. 

24 Apr 2016 DiversityHuman
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Sunday, March 20 2016

FlyDubai Airlines Flight FZ981 Burst into Flame, Plane Crash Kills all passengers

At least 62 plane passengers of FlyDubai Airlines flight FZ981 including its 7 crew members were instantly killed when the jet burst into flame and exploded mid-air while attempting to land at Rostov-on-Don airport, Russia on Saturday. It was the second attempt of the pilot to land the plane but the aircraft crashed and blown into pieces.

In the initial investigation released to the journalists, the Boeing 737-800 operated by Dubai-based budget carrier Flydubai reportedly hit the ground and broke into pieces. Majority of the passengers were purportedly Russian nationals.


Several versions pointing the cause of the crash were reported by international news agencies. Some investigators believe that it could have been caused by crew error, technical failure, or the bad weather that was happening when FlyDubai flight FZ981 was on its way to land at the Russian airport.

An independent US-based Flight Safety Foundation shared a partial report citing the occurrence of a strong wind of 43 kilometres per hour (with gusts up to 69 kilometres) at Rostov-on-Don.

On the other hand, Russian air crash investigation team released the conversation of the commericial plane's pilot and the control tower operator. The pilot initially decided not to descend but he abruptly changed his mind about landing when it gets closer to the airport.

Flydubai's CEO Ghaith al-Ghaith said in a news conference that it would be too early to conclude the cause of the crash. He urges everyone to wait for the official findings of the plane crash when the anaylis of the flight recorders, which were recovered undamaged, will become available.

20 Mar 2016 DiversityHuman
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