Friday, June 24 2016

DOJ Junks Tanim-Bala Complaint of American Tourist, Plane Passenger Becomes a Suspect

The Department of Justice(DOJ) dismissed the "Tanim-bala complaint" of an American plane passenger. The decision of the officials, appointed by the Aquino administration, concluded the case of Lane Michael White.

The decision of DOJ was quite alarming to the extent that the chief officer of the Public Attorney's Office was disappointed to the judicial system of the country. To the dismay of Atty. Persida Acosta, she aired her sentiments in an interview conducted by a field reporter of ABS-CBN news. The lawyer explained the unfair decision of the court citing that the agency is quick in blaming plane passengers when these people were caught with bullets in their luggage. Hence, the court appears too bias to the victims.

Why was the case absolved by DOJ?

Contents of the decision and the reason why the complaint was junked by DOJ had been revealed in a local report. The court purportedly did not find any probable cause and involvement of the Office of Transportation Security(OTS) personnel regarding the alleged "Tanim-Bala" modus last September 17, 2015. Moreover, DOJ said that there was no valid evidence that would prove the alleged extortion.

In short, DOJ concluded that the documents submitted by the complainants didn't have any substantial information to prove that the OTS officers are guilty of the crime.

24 Jun 2016 DiversityHuman
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Fake Policeman Threatened to Kill a Motorist in Pasig City

A man who identified himself as a member of International Police Commission (Philippine Command) threatened to pull his pistol after a motorist confronted him for his arrogance on the road. The fake cop allegedly tried swerving to the lane where the victims were driving their motorcycles.

The initial normal conversation between the fake police identified as Lawrence Michael Arabia and college student CJ Navarra escalated to a road rage. In a certain report, CJ claimed that the 38-year-old man changed lanes at the middle of a heavy traffic on Jenny's Avenue in Maybunga, Pasig city. When CJ noticed that the car was way too close to them that they almost had a collision, Navarra gently told the driver to give them a little space to avoid any accident.

The argument sparked after Lawrence Michael Arabia showed them his Interpolcom ID together with a mission order. The boastful fake policeman even threatened to kill the biker with his handgun.

"Pulis ako, gusto mong barilin kita?", said Arabia.

24 Jun 2016 DiversityHuman
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Thursday, June 23 2016

Most Wanted Man Raped a Woman With Disability

A man who raped a handicapped woman in the province of Leyte has been arrested by the officials of Criminal Investigation and Detection Group(CIDG-NCR). The suspect was nabbed with the help of the Philippine National Police Highway Patrol Group (PNP-HPG).

Authorities received an information from a certain tipster that the criminal identified as Charito Baldoz was hiding in Malabon after he sexually abused a woman with disability in Abuyog, Leyte. After thorough verification of the report, the police immediately dispatched a set of skilled officers to complete the joint operations in the area. However, before they captured the high profile criminal, several detectives carefully drafted their plan thinking that the suspect would show resistance to the arresting officers.

When the team arrived in Malabon, they directly entered a narrow street that leads them straight to their target. The police officers, only armed with pistols, were able to limit the movement of Charito Baldoz and another man with him during the arrest.

23 Jun 2016 DiversityHuman
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Yassi Pressman's Bootylicious "Trumpets" Killer Dance Moves

Yassi Pressman accepted the Trumpets challenge. Her killer bootylicious dance moves caught the attention of the netizens on social media after she uploaded a 41-second video on Facebook.

The 20-year-old famous model, actress and television personality released her cover of the hit song "Trumpets" by Sak Noel & Salvi ft. Sean Paul. A lot of netizens are quite frankly amazed that she was able to maintain good balance though she was wearing high heels. Yassi apparently did her own dance cover in a certain backyard.

The sexy young dancer, who is also a good singer, wears a blue shorts paired with a white t-shirt. Her video was uploaded a day after Ella Cruz shared her own version of the Trumpets dance challenge.

23 Jun 2016 DiversityHuman
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Wednesday, June 22 2016

Husband of Sunshine Dizon Killed a 60-year-old Woman

The husband of Sunshine Dizon, who is currently having marital woes with the actress, killed a 60-year-old woman. Timothy Tan's car ran over the poor lady passed midnight in the town of Baligo, Angeles City, Pampanga.

22 Jun 2016 DiversityHuman
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International No Panty Day 2016, a Unique Celebration for All Women Around the World

The International 'No Panty Day' celebration is an annual event created for all women to give them 24 hours to hang their underwear at home and freely enjoy the day without having their panties on. This rare event happens every 22nd of June.

This could be a very strange occasion to conservative women in some parts of the world but for the vast broad-minded female population this is a very important holiday to celebrate. You might not agree to this form of festivity but we are hoping that you will not ruin the day that may be too interesting to other women who loves to drop and leave their panties at home.

Just so you know, there are so many versions of this weird celebration. Some considers #NoPantyDay as the day of staying home with no undergarments while others do it by flaunting their sexy asses who later go for a walk on the streets with tight jeans or leggings.


The anonymous group behind this yearly activity wants you to hang your panty and be happy with the comfort of having no underwear for 24 hours on June 22, 2016.

22 Jun 2016 DiversityHuman
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Tuesday, June 21 2016

[Video]Ella Cruz Performs the Viral Trumpets Dance Craze

Ella Cruz dubbed as Philippines' Teen Dance Princess recently released a video showing her own dance cover of the "Trumpets" dance craze. This could have been the result to the numerous requests of her supporters and followers on social media.

Ella Cruz accepted the Trumpets dance challenge and shared a video of her dance version on Sunday. Wearing a loose red shirt paired with black booty short shorts perfectly matched the sexy choreography conceptualized by her dance partner, Neri Benitez.

The 19-year-old Kapamilya actress made a surprise release of the video on Facebook which was praised and appreciated by thousands of netizens.

21 Jun 2016 DiversityHuman
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Professor Molested a 15-year-old Student in Parañaque, Rape Charges Filed Against the Teacher

A P.E. professor allegedly molested and repeatedly raped a 15-year-old girl who happens to be a student in his own class. The controversial report made headlines when a major news outlet released the details of the sexual abuse committed by the academic instructor in Parañaque city.

The alleged suspect, who raped the student three times, was arrested by Parañaque Mayor's Action Team thru an entrapment operation setup in a certain convenient store. In the actual footage shared by the authorities to the local media, the professor confidently kissed the victim as if feeling zero threat in the surrounding.

However, what seems to be a normal day to the alleged rapist, who was later identified as Kirk Patrick Ferrer, became a tragic memory when the arresting officers showed up in front of him. The professor was securely handcuffed by the police and was brought to the precinct for further interrogation.

21 Jun 2016 DiversityHuman
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Motorist to MMDA officers, "Not All Angels Have Wings"

Metro Manila Development Authority(MMDA) officers are infamous for extortion along EDSA-victimizing helpless drivers, but this story will surely change your expectations to these traffic enforcers. A motorist who encountered these men even said on Facebook, "not all angels have wings" when he narrated his experience with the MMDA traffic enforcers. 

J.P. Mercado, in a lengthy post on social media, admitted that he is not familiar in engine mechanics but he can drive a car. Unexpectedly, his dreaded horror occurred on the street early Monday of June 20, 2016 at the middle of Katipunan Avenue. He was already close to his house but his car stalled for some reasons he couldn't identify.

He tried to stay cool and relax while waiting for some good Samaritan to help him fix his car. In no time, he started to panic since he noticed that the drivers following him were already agitated. Some honked their horns with signs of being irritated due to the fact that he was blocking the traffic flow.

To further elaborate the next series of events, here's the detailed post of Mercado.

I was at the Ateneo Gate 3 intersection, and I was a sitting duck. I watched the stoplight change colors helplessly as cars and trucks honked at me and switched lanes with almost audible irritation, despite my hazard lights being on.

All my dashboard’s indicator lights would light up when I’d try to start the car too. I wasn’t sure what was wrong. Maybe my week-old battery was faulty? What was that smell? At this unholy hour, I prayed aloud, asking for my car to start and get me to the closest gas station, which was the Petron at the C.P. Garcia intersection, just around half a kilometer away.

What was he looking for?

I kept looking around for MMDA officers. I knew that once they spotted me, it was game over.

Sure enough, after around 10 minutes of fretting, and an incoherent call to Motolite’s hotline, I saw MMDA officers on the other side of the road.
They were coming for me.

Wishing for the best

I felt that I was in serious trouble, and I accepted my fate as I watched the MMDA officers get off their bikes.

All my fears, however, melted away as soon as one of the officers gave me the friendliest smile one could ever hope for at that time of night and said, with a concerned and consoling laugh, “Sir, ano pong nangyari?”

Signs of Relief

I told them how the car stalled, while confessing that I knew nothing about cars, and so they asked me to open up my car’s hood to see what was wrong.

When we opened it up—which I should have done in the first place—, we discovered that my car’s radiator cap had popped off, probably because it wasn’t screwed on properly, they surmised. So it definitely WASN’T the battery.

They asked if I had bottled water with me. I remembered that I didn’t get to replace it the last time—which I also should have done—, but I told them that there was a 7-Eleven just across from where we were.

21 Jun 2016 DiversityHuman
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Monday, June 20 2016

Duterte Wants Gina Lopez to Lead DENR

President-elect Rody Duterte reportedly offered the Department of Environment and Natural Resources(DENR) Secretary post to Gina Lopez who has a strong advocacy against mining activities.

On Monday, Duterte officially disclosed the position he offered to Gina Lopez, Chairperson of ABS-CBN Lingkod Kapamilya Foundation. The announcement of the DENR position occurred at the Presidential Guest House in DPWH Panacan Depot, Davao City.

Other details regarding the meeting of the President and Lopez are not yet published online.


The President found a good partner in his advocacy but the question still remains if Gina Lopez would accept the government post.

20 Jun 2016 DiversityHuman
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