Random Calls from Asian Network Development Corporation to PLDT customers - Legit or Scam?

Random Calls from Asian Network Development Corporation to PLDT customers - Legit or Scam?


Asian Network Development Corporation has been reported by TipidPC.com users that the said company randomly make calls to PLDT customers advising them to bring two (2) valid IDs and to immediately go to Harrison Plaza to redeem their prizes.


One of our content researchers did not escape from this experience. She received a call today from Asian Network Development Corporation and was told that she won a prize. But onset of the call she said that something is fishy. The caller educated her that there is no money involved and all she has to do is to report directly to Harrison Plaza.

Why Asian Network Development Corporation caller made such disclaimer?

According to a TipidPC user:

Once there, they are told to deposit 1000php to receive the prize.

This is a scam, the company claims that they dont know what the prize center does and has no idea if its a scam, yeah right.

This same company is also calling under different names, claiming to be pldt prize or something else.

If you receive these calls please report it...


Related incidents were posted in Facebook comments by some victims via the story of Maria YLA's Comfort Zone:


This morning, my mother and father received a call from a certain person from PHILIPPINE MONITORING COMPANY. She said that their company was related to Philippine Long Distance Telephone Company (PLDT) and as a lucky telephone subscriber, they will give a free souvenir items such as laptop, computer, gadget showcase and appliance showcase just bring valid ID's and other requirements. My mother called me to verify what the prank caller said, she (prank caller) told me coarsely to just get the claim stub number and bring it to GREENTOP MARKETING near Mercury Drug in Ever Gotesco Ortigas. At first, I knew it was already a SCAM so I inquire more about the details and the prank caller disgusted on what I do and she said "LECHE KA" when I asked her name and she hang the phone!

I promptly call the 171 PLDT's Customer Support and report the story. Ms. Anne told me that PHILIPPINE MONITORING COMPANY/GREENTOP MARKETING was not related to PLDT and they are not giving any free souvenir items.

According to our content researcher, the caller informed her that Asian Network Development Corporation is very popular in the phone and computer industry.

Well, if Asian Network Development Corp. is indeed popular then why the hell our content researchers just heard their company just today? Oh my bad, YES they are very famous because of their SCAM!

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