Jinri Park near naked and topless FHM cover photos for August 2013 issue

Jinri Park near naked and topless FHM cover photos for August 2013 issue


The hot and sexy Korean disk jockey, model and actress is the cover girl of FHM magazine for its August 2013 issue. Jinri Park was featured by FHM on March 2012 and her gravure photobook, "The Jinri Park Experience" enticed thousands of followers.


In an interview with FHM Philippines, Jinri Park talked about her latest near-naked cover photo for the magazine but her response made more highlights about the magazine's impact to her career.

“I always tell this to other magazines and newspapers when I get interviewed that I think FHM was really my stepping stone to getting into DJing, showbiz and other things. Even though it wasn't my first cover, FHM was my first mainstream cover,” Jinri said.

The almost topless photo of Jinri Park has gone viral on social networking sites. Several netizens expressed their approval of Jinri’s revealing outfit. However, various blogs noted that her FHM near-naked cover photo for August 2013 issue is overly photoshopped.

We can't really tell if Jinri Park's photos were subject to intensive graphics enhancement unless we can see her in person. But do you guys think that Jinri's FHM photo is overly photoshopped like Maja Salvador's cover photo?

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