Hidden Meaning of Eraserheads' song 'SPOLARIUM' links to Pepsi Paloma's Terrifying Unresolved Case

The songs of Eraserheads are very meaningful to me because it reminded me of my nostalgic childhood days. Songs like Ang Huling El Bimbo ( tragic death of a childhood crush ), Alapaap ( got banned from being played in radio stations because some critics believe it’s a song about prohibited dr#gs), Magasin, Toyang, Para sa Masa, Pare ko, etc. have corresponding appealing meanings while others have vague insinuations.


Featured Story: Alleged Arrogant Engineer Carries Real Armalite Gun Raids a Neighbor's houseIn this article, I’m going to talk about one specific song of Eraserheads which stood out for the reason that it portrays more contentious meaning – SPOLARIUM. So what’s the big deal with Spolarium? Well.. its lyrics allegedly narrated a very terrifying event which occurred a couple of decades ago.

I don’t want you to keep on guessing the Spolarium’s rumored “hidden meaning”, so I would like to present to you its lyrics and I will try to decipher some of its lines. (What you are going to read are interpretations collected from various people and web sources as listed in this article. Some of these rumors were passed to different people through word of mouth. These are not facts and I do not claim any evidence and proof regarding these speculations.)

Viral 2015 Celebrity news: Marian Rivera Pampublikong Sex Scandal Video Leaked on Facebook

Note* envision a girl singing this song, Imagine Pepsi Paloma ( may she rest in peace ) singing this melancholic song. It will definitely give you the chills.

dumilim ang paligid – often, a perfect time to do something suspicious
may tumawag sa pangalan ko –
someone called her out
labing isang palapag -
Unit 1108 of a condominium in San Juan
tinanong kung okey lang ako –
they asked her “Are you ok?”
sabay abot ng baso – drinking session on-going
may naghihintay
at bakit ba ‘pag nagsawa na ako
biglang ayoko na –
she’s had enough and didn’t want to drink anymore
at ngayon
di pa rin alam
kung ba’t tayo nandito –
being very intoxicated sometimes makes you forget where you are or why are you even there in the first place
puwede bang itigil muna
ang pag-ikot ng mundo
lumiwanag ang buwan
di ko na nasasakyan
ang lahat ng bagay ay
gumuguhit na lang -
jagged acidic trail across your throat made by alcohol
sa ‘king lalamunan
ewan mo at ewan natin
sinong may pakana? –
she’s wondering who were the culprits
at bakit ba
tumilapon ang
gintong alak diyan sa paligid mo?
- “Gintong alak” is Goldschläger, very strong Italian cinnamon schnapps which is one of the reason for the intoxication that evening.
at ngayon
di pa rin alam
kung ba’t tayo nandito
puwede bang itigil muna
ang pag-ikot ng mundo
umiyak ang umaga
anong sinulat ni enteng at joey diyan – Do I still have to spoonfeed you? ( Just think about the ******** movies and the very famous prank show “ *** **** “ )
sa pintong salamin glass door of the balcony
di ko na mabasa
pagkat merong nagbura
ewan ko at ewan natin
sinong nagpakana?
at bakit ba tumilapon ang spolarium
diyan sa paligid mo? - Dead gladiators in the actual Spolarium painting by Juan Luna symbolize the drunk dudes present during that pitiless act.
at ngayon
di pa rin alam
kung ba’t tayo nandito
puwede bang itigil muna
ang pag-ikot ng mundo

(Editor’s note: The atttribution to istorya.net was posted immediately after a reader highlighted this concern. It is listed at the last part of the article. Thank you.)

It is actually the story of the r@p3 victim Pepsi Paloma, who claimed that she was sexually abused by known celebrities in the Philippines(GRP.com). She was allegedly made to drink too much by the three influential personalities (illustrated in the first 3 stanzas of the song) and when she became unconscious, they allegedly R@P3D her(istorya.net).

Read our fearless response to Lourd De Veyra’s open letter to Vic Sotto and My Little Bossings.

Quoting GRP’s post:

In 1982, Paloma who was aged fifteen at the time reportedly approached then Philippine Defense Minister Juan Ponce Enrile for help, claiming she was r@p3d by de Leon, d’Horsey, and Sotto.

Pepsi Paloma died when she was about to cry out for justice. There were gossips that Pepsi did not commit suicide but she was killed to stop her from showing up in court. Pepsi was not able to receive justice. Until now, there is no closure to her case. And whether the two popular show hosts are guilty or not, no one can prove it because a politician very close to one of the alleged suspects fixed the case using his strong political influence and connections(GRP.com).

Ely Buendia might have learned the story of Pepsi Paloma’s r@p3 case that’s why he made this song to speak out the truth and give Paloma the justice that she deserves.

Viral 2015 Celebrity newsMarian Rivera Pampublikong Sex Scandal Video Leaked on Facebook

Update: Editor’s note. A simple miss impacted the views of other netizens. Thanks to Julius Oliver Giron, who bravely brought up a comment and citation from istorya.net.

Update#2Disclaimer from the author. The photo attached on this article is not Pepsi Paloma. The author chose the image to symbolize Pepsi Paloma.

Update#3: The author received grave threats and criticism from several netizens, who sided with the alleged suspects. Significant information are dropped for security reasons. Just search the web or ask your neighbors if they can provide a coherent explanation of the rumors compared to this article.

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