Tuli Nurse, Davao's Most Beautiful Healthcare Worker (Krestle Lailene Deomampo)

A young and gorgeous healthcare worker from Davao dubbed as "Tuli Nurse" is currently the hottest topic on social media. She has captured the hearts of every male netizens when a photo she uploaded on Facebook went viral last week.


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Man Physically Attacked an Old Woman in Cubao Bus Terminal (Video)

An unidentified man attacked and physically abused an old woman in a bus terminal in Cubao, Quezon city. The incident was completely captured by a videographer who didn't bother to help the poor old lady who was obviously harmed by the young man.


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Virgin Filipina Wife Sued by Husband in Kuwait

An alleged virgin Filipina wife of a Kuwaiti national is currently facing charges after her husband sued her for having a previous affair with another man. She was immediately scheduled to appear in Hawally court to disprove the allegations.

Photo (C): dearingfilm.com

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RC Cola mixed with Gasoline Sold in Tagum?

What would you do if you drank an RC Cola with gasoline? Would you have time to get mad of the person who sold it? Or would you rather rush yourself to the hospital?

Courtesy of DTI from its Facebook post.

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Reactions and Comments of Koreans to Famous Filipino Celebrities (Video)

Korean Star TV recently released an episode showing their reactions and comments to some famous Filipino celebrities. A video of it was released on Youtube which immediately earned thousands of hits.


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