Young Girl Raped and Killed in Davao

A 4-year-old girl was physically abused and murdered in Davao Oriental. The local detectives found the rape victim half naked with critical wounds in her body.

According to Brigada News Davao, the young rape victim went missing on March 25, 2016 at 7p.m. The family and relatives of the 4-year-old girl tried to search the neighborhood but to no avail. The next day at 9am, they reported the incident and asked for help from the local police.


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[Shocking] Talended Singer Jay-R Siaboc Surrenders to the Cops

The talented singer and former Pinoy Dream Academy(PDA) contender Jay-R Siaboc reportedly turned himself to the police station in Toledo City, Cebu. He purportedly surrendered to the cops after learning that the Duterte administration is really serious in its campaign against illegal drugs in the country.


In just less than 5 days of the new Philippine leadership, thousands of drug dependents and pushers voluntarily surrendered to the Philippine National Police(PNP). Surprisingly, in a similar situation the famous band vocalist Jay-R who joined the popular reality TV show aired on ABS-CBN went to the police station in Cebu to formally submit himself due to his alleged involvement in drug addiction.

Jay-R Siaboc was accompanied by his cousin on Tuesday after his relatives successfully convinced him to proceed to the government agency. However, a certain news outlet mentioned that Siaboc's decision was not primarily a result to the influence of his friends and close relatives but he was also pressured on social media after several netizens are spreading rumors that he is one of the top drug pushers in the south.

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Beautiful Girl Sells Famous Street Food in Olongapo City

A stunning pretty girl selling Kwek Kwek in Olongapo city receives praises from netizens and has attracted more men customers after her photo has gone viral on social media. The beautiful vendor of the famous street food in the Philippines will definitely generate higher revenue in her food cart business in the coming days.

In the Philippines, it's not ordinary to see beautiful girls selling street foods. In large malls, you can find some beautiful Filipina sales attendants selling similar food but not along the busy streets and highways.

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Cristine Reyes Scandalous S3x Videos Spread Online

Cristine Reyes allegedly owned a set of sex videos that are making people on social media go nuts thinking that the clips were spread on the internet over the weekend. Tons of huge local Facebook pages published some snippets featuring “authentic” lewd photos of the actress and one image stood compared to other pictures for one main reason–it shows a man kissing her lip.

Composite Photo:  It shows a man kissing Cristine Reyes but we don’t know if this is really true and linked to the alleged sex video

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Carrot Man of Cordillera, Mountain Province Earned Praises from Netizens Around the Globe

A handsome guy with a monicker of "Carrot Man" is currently earning tons of praises on social media. If you want to know the reason why, simply scroll down a bit and see the photo below.

Edwina Bandong, a tourist bound for Sagada, accidentally spotted a young farmer in Cordillera, Mountain Province. In her post, she mentioned that she took the stolen shots when she herself was captivated by the "handsomeness" of the guy. Along the way, Edwina noticed that this ordinary man is actually farming carrots in the area. This is when she started to call him, the "Carrot Man".


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RBreezy Girl Sex Scandal Video

Tagged as "RBreezy girl sex scandal" is a video currently making rounds on social media. The clip contains sexually embarrassing scenes causing the victim to be in deep trouble when the video was shared online.


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Marjorie Drilon Reacted to her Bashers on Social Media over the Alleged Marriage Proposal Rejection Video

Marjorie Drilon, the actress behind the viral video showing how she rejected a marriage proposal of her boyfriend, issued a statement thru her official Facebook account to denounce the name calling and other insulting language by her bashers on social media.

In the FB status of Marjorie, she provided the details of the viral video, the reason of its production, and the purpose of the video campaign. On top of that, she is totally hurt on the wrong judgment of the netizens. Despite the negative perception she received from various internet users, she remains professional in dealing her uneducated detractors.

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Man Finds an iPhone 6 in Jollibee and Wants to Return it to the Real Owner

A man who found a genuine iPhone 6 in Jollibee is looking for the real owner of the phone through Facebook. The good Samaritan uploaded the photos of the latest Apple smartphone on social media and hopes that the Filipino netizens could assist him in finding the owner of the gadget.


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VIDEO - Tips para Maiwasan ang kinakatukutang "Tanim-Bala" sa NAIA


This video "5 Tips Paano Makakaiwas sa TANIM-BALA!" is a copyrighted material. does not own any part of the content nor affiliated to Kevin. We simply want to share his video to promote general awareness to all travelers who use NAIA for them to avoid the tanim-bala scam.

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Video and Photos of Eduard Escaño, the suspect behind multiple rape complaints in Parañaque

Here's the video report regarding the beauty parlor employee who molested a 12-year-old boy in Parañaque city. The suspect was positively identified by the witnesses as Eduard Escaño.

Halloween Costume Party 2015 at SkyRanch Tagaytay

An early Halloween treat will be happening at the famous Sky Ranch leisure park in Tagaytay. The Halloween costume party called Chills and Thrills at SkyRanch is scheduled to happen this October 18, 2015.

A whole day affair will showcase a scary and spooky costumes which is expected to entice children and parents to be on the site to celebrate a magical Halloween festival. This coming Sunday, October 18, participants with creative costumes may also win big prizes from Sky Ranch. There are four costume categories such as scary, funny, spooky. and magical.

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Aldub Song of Jive Mendreza, Viral Hit on Social Media

A video uploaded by Laila Lozano on Youtube features a talented kid who reportedly composed an AlDub Song which is currently a viral hit on social media. The young singer and composer is identified as Jive Mendreza.

TV lovers Alden Richards and Maine "Yaya Dub" Mendoza should definitely watch the performance of Jive Mendreza, a student who sang "Aldub Song' which he allegedly composed as a tribute to the unconditional love shown by the famous celebrity couple(as seen on TV). In a video clip posted in Youtube, Mendreza rendered the song while he is inside a classroom. The message of the song apparently narrates the immeasurable happiness when two people finally met each other and felt the kind of spark that they've been longing for.

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Alleged Wealthy Man Punches a Security Guard, Refuses Frisking SOP (Video)

A wealthy man allegedly punched a security guard as he declined to undergo the normal frisking procedure as required by all mall establishments in the metro.

A 108-second video showing a man hitting a security officer during a heated conversation has gone viral on social media. In the short clip, the unidentified mall-goer deliberately attacked the guard. The mall location has not been verified yet. The name of the security guard and identity of the suspect are still unknown. According to several netizens, this altercation has already been reported to the police.

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Girl Seen in Sex Videos of Andrea Brillantes is Her Older Sister

Followers of the 12-year-old actress and other concerned netizens are trying to uncover the real identity of the girl seen in the alleged sex videos of Andrea Brillantes which were leaked online.

In their attempt to find the truth behind the viral sex videos, some netizens claimed that the subject is the older sister of Andrea who shares common facial features like her. Her name is Kayla Ann Gorostiza.

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Recruitment Officer Offers SEX to a Single Mom who Wants Call Center Job

SEX Offered by a Call Center Recruitment Officer to a Single Mom Who Wants to have a Call Center Job

Manila, Philippines – A man who works as a recruitment officer of a certain company in the Business Process Outsourcing (BPO)  industry allegedly offered sex to a single mother in exchange of a call center agent position. The man had a private conversation with the lady, mother of three kids, via SMS. He later proposed to meet the woman somewhere in Cainta to carry out his plan of having sex with the applicant.


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Raoul Danniel A. Manuel, First Summa Cum Laude Graduate of UP Visayas

The country's premiere tertiary institution, University of the Philippines, recorded hundreds of academic achievements including the first Summa Cum Laude of UP Visayas. The fresh graduate who earned almost perfect general weighted average (GWA) of 1.099 received praises on social media last week.


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Prank Video Gone Wrong - Prankista Draws Flak from Filipino Netizens

A viral prank video of a certain group called "Prankista" has drawn negative criticisms from Filipino netizens. Instead of entertaining the internet users on social media, the prankster received huge amount of complaints regarding the spoof they recorded in front of a busy bank in Metro Manila.


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Virgin Filipina Wife Sued by Husband in Kuwait

An alleged virgin Filipina wife of a Kuwaiti national is currently facing charges after her husband sued her for having a previous affair with another man. She was immediately scheduled to appear in Hawally court to disprove the allegations.

Photo (C):

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The Dark Side of Doris Bigornia Viral Video

The unexpected "dark side of Doris Bigornia" was revealed thru a viral video shared on Facebook. The post of a Richard Lim in the social media described the whole incident. He claimed that the veteran journalist displayed unacceptable behavior during the concert of the Irish pop rock group "The Script" at the Mall of Asia Arena on April 17, 2015.


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Valentine Surprise, String of Heart Lights and a Serenade (VIDEO)

A string of heart lights was set up by a netizen to surprise the girl that she loves during the Valentine's day celebration. She was also accompanied by a group of musicians who played the guitar and cajon to serenade the lucky woman.


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(VIRAL VIDEO) Embarrassing Valentine Surprise Serenade in Jollibee

An embarrassing Valentine surprise of a man to his alleged girlfriend inside a Jollibee store was captured in a video that has gone viral on social networking sites.


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Student Walking along Recto Received a Dose of HIV(Welcome to HIV World)

“Welcome to HIV World", a note attached to a syringe full of HIV infected fluid in Recto Avenue.

Manila, Philippines – A story involving a student who received her dose of HIV while walking along Recto Avenue is currently making waves in social media.


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Girl in Bagito Sex Scandal Speaks Up (Video Released in Youtube)

Chesca Guinhawa, allegedly the girl in the "Bagito sex scandal", finally broke her silence over the controversial issue. In a video released in Youtube, she is seen crying while she unleashed her frustrations over the alleged viral sex tape circulating in the social media.

Chesca Guinhawa seeks help from netizens to stop the rumors linking her to the controversial Bagito Sex Video Scandal.

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Talented Student Lyle Esquila Sings 'Bang Bang', Viral Computer Shop Music Video

A certain student identified as Lyle Esquila showcased her talent in a music video that was recorded inside a computer shop somewhere in Antipolo, Rizal. Lyle flawlessly sang the hit song 'Bang Bang' which was originally performed and popularized by three international hot artists Jessie J, Ariana Grande, and Nicki Minaj.


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Jed Madela, 'People in Cagayan de Oro are Monkeys'

A controversial post of Kapamilya singer Jed Madela is making noise in social media. His post on Facebook was highly criticized for specifically citing that he had to deal with a "bunch of monkeys".


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