Dutdutan Bikini Contest during the Dutdutan Tattoo Convention 2012


Note: Photos were taken from the official site of Dutdutan and also grabbed from their official facebook fanpage. We do not own the copyright of these photos.


Dutdutan Tattoo Festival is being dubbed as the "country's biggest and grandest tattoo convention" held annually. This annual event is being participated by local and international acclaimed tattoo artists.

Dutdutan tattoo convention 2012 showcased not just tattoo artists but also hot & sexy pole dancers, gorgeous women in their bikinis, dutdutan bands, and numerous celebrities.

This year's Dutdutan Tattoo Festival was held in World Trade Center, Pasay City on September 28-29, 2012.

Dutdutan Tattoo exposition is presented by Tribal Gear Philippines.

Here are some fresh photos of the Dutdutan-Tribal Bikini contestants on their bikinis.




Dutdutan Bikini Contest 2012



Dutdutan Bikini contestant, almost topless.
She seems to topless right? 
A sexy pose of a dutdutan contestant who seems to look like cat woman. Does she?
Tribal Sponsored Dutdutan Bikini Contest 2012.
Is this Dutdutan Bikini contestant gorgeous enough? 
This particular bikini contestant doesn't have a Filipino blood.
Can anyone tell this dutdutan bikini contestant to stare at you? LOL
The annual Dutdutan Tattoo Convention seems to be the annual FHM show too.
Look at her! She wants to bare it all.
Is the pose of this Bikini contestant a good one to get a crown for the night?
A dutdutan bikini contestant showing a cute wings of an angel. Too short to make her fly.
The winners of Dutdutan Bikini Contest 2012
The winners of Dutdutan Bikini Contest 2012

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