The Buzz Exclusive Interview Video - Dominique Barretto-Cojuangco wont close Showbiz World (Cries over dad's Letter)

The Buzz Exclusive Interview Video: Dominique Barretto-Cojuangco wont close Showbiz World (Cries over dad's Letter)


Dominique Barretto-Cojuangco, the daughter of actress Gretchen Barretto and businessman Tony Boy Cojuangco, sits down for her first TV interview with "The Buzz" during her 18th birthday on Saturday and said she is so much fond of her mother’s showbiz world that she is not closing her doors to it.


Dominique Barretto recalled her visits to the set of “Princess and I,” Barretto’s former television series.

“It was so much fun. I can’t imagine how they do it there. They work for long hours and the atmosphere is so positive, they are all so happy and so vibrant. I love it. I love it,” she said in the interview which was aired on "The Buzz" on Sunday.

Dominique admitted that she regularly watches her mom on television. She said that her mom is a very good actress especially when she has those very intense scenes where she’s crying, or angry. However, Dominique Barretto finds her funny because it’s not her personality at all.

"She’s [Gretchen] a happy person so it’s so funny to see her so angry and shaking," said Dominique.

Dominique Barretto also confessed that she is fond of showbiz and she might also try it one day. But despite this, Dominique emphasized that her studies will always be her main priority. She will be taking up fashion design in London.

“I definitely want to finish school first before anything else. I’m excited because I’m moving to London after I graduate in August,” she said.

As the only child of Barretto and Conjuangco, Dominique also said there is nothing more she could ask for.


Meanwhile, Tony Boy Cojuangco, Jr. refused to show on camera but he gave a message to the younger Barretto through a letter. When Boy Abunda read the letter, Dominique was not able to control her emotions. She was overwhelmed and cried over dad's letter.

Source: ABS CBN news

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