Cristine Reyes Leaked Sex Video Scandal with ex-BF Rayver Cruz, Proof Revealed

Thousands or even millions of netizens are curious over the alleged sex video scandal of Cristine Reyes and Rayver Cruz, which was allegedly uploaded online early this week. They've been waiting to have a copy of the rumored sex video scandal but at this very moment no celebrity gossip website dared to make a confirmation if a sex video of the two celebrities were indeed uploaded on social networking sites.


ABS-CBN reported today that Rayver Cruz and Cristine Reyes are being tagged in a supposed "sex scandal" in a text blast that has reached friends and family of the former couple.

The text says: "Scandal ni Rayver at Christine nasa (link to website) haha it's so hot!"

But just like the viral photo scandal of Angel Locsin, bloggers also spent hours of thorough research and investigation of the alleged Cristine Reyes-Rayver Cruz sex video scandal.

Our efforts paid off! We found a sign that would link us to the said sex video scandal of Cristine Reyes.

Here are some photos that will serve as a proof that Cristine Reyes had a recorded sex video together with her ex-boyfriend, Rayver Cruz. Gossip websites also believe that these pictures were actually taken from the leaked video scandal. Now, based on the topless photos of Cristine Reyes below, would you agree that she has a sex video that has been uploaded online?

cristine-reyes-rayver-sex-video-scandal don't like to fool our avid readers. We want to reveal the truth behind this latest rumored celebrity sex scandal. We will show you a brief analysis to end this gossip. Just view the following photos, it speaks our conclusion.

Closely evaluate the highlighted portions of the photo. You might have the intuation that the scandal is true but scroll down a bit and you will see the truth behind the rumors on social media.


To those who visited our site aiming to have a copy of Cristine Reyes' video scandal, we are very sorry to frustrate all of you. It looks like everything was just a plain speculation. No leaked sex video scandal of Cristine Reyes and Rayver Cruz--at this time.. :) 


By the way, if you think that the proof above is not enough, please watch the video below. :)

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