Anne Curtis' Latest Mermaid Photos, Dyesebel Pictorial

Anne Curtis, who plays the role of "Dyesebel," was in full mermaid costume during the photo session with the famous photographer Mark Nicdao. A set of promotional photos of her upcoming TV series were then released online.



On Monday, a series of mermaid pictures were uploaded by Nicdao on his personal Instagram account. One of the photos shows the 29-year-old lead star of "Dyesebel" lying on the shoreline and another image shows the actress sitting on a rock. The latter mermaid photo of Anne Curtis was used by "Dyesebel" producer Dreamscape Entertainment Television for promotions online. The said image on Instagram also earned more than 40,000 likes and counting.

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A separate pictorial was also made by fashion magazine "Metro". Clad in mermaid-inspired outfits, Anne Curtis stunningly posed for the cameras.

FYI. Several portrayals of the mermaid character became popular as early as 1953. Here's a short list of actresses who previously starred as "Dyesebel."

  • Vilma Santos (1973)
  • Alice Dixson (1990)
  • Charlene Gonzales (1996)

Back in 2008, the reigning sexiest woman in the Philippines Marian Rivera played the same role and the series was aired in GMA7.

Here's the trade trailer of "Dyesebel" starring Anne Curtis.

Dyesebel is a prominent comic book character in the Philippines. The character was originally created by Mars Ravelo and drawn by Elpidio Torres.

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