Pageant Candidate Roxanne Acosta Cabanero Viral Nude Photo Scandal (Real or Fake?)

The alleged nude photo scandal of a former beauty contestant named Roxanne Cabanero is making the rounds on social media. Her alleged nude pictures came into light after she filed a rape complaint against "It's Showtime" host Vhong Navarro. The complaint and shocking revelation of Roxanne Cabanero drew negative reactions from the netizens.


According to sources, Roxanne Cabanero purportedly loves to join local beauty pageants. She was one of the contenders at the Miss Resorts World 2010 and Miss Bikini Philippines. However, it wasn't mentioned if she was successful on those beauty contests or not. Back in 2011, Cabanero joined the prestigious Bb. Pilipinas but shockingly got disqualified due to her alleged scandalous nude photo, which was circulated on the web.

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Roxanne Cabanero appealed her case to the pageant organizers but she was still asked by its lawyer to simply drop from the competition. After the incident, she reportedly insisted to the media that she was a victim of mistaken identity. Cabanero's nude photo scandal is now again the hottest news on social media following her rape complaint against the Kapamilya actor.

We collected several images and leaked nude picture of Cabanero for our own investigation. wants to validate such scandalous claim to properly educate our readers [of course, that includes you :)].

Let's start to have a closer look on some of her sexy pictures before we scrutinize her alleged nude photos. Below is Roxanne's photo when she joined the famous Bb.Pilipinas competition in 2011.

It looks to me that she has oozing sex appeal or maybe it could be just the perfect timing or the photographer captured a picture at a good angle. Just to make sure that this is her own picture, we digged the web and found out the same photo was used by News5.

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The next picture, which is not even partly naked, is allegedly another scandalous material that was spread online.

Honestly, for us it doesn't look controversial. A lot of women are doing this on Facebook! Hundreds of them are only wearing their panties, scooping their boobs, taking selfies and then later uploaded those partly naked photos on the web. What makes it controversial is probably because of our devilish imagination. We can't simply tell if this her or not.

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THE INTERESTING PART of our Investigation

This is the controversial and scandalous nude photo of Roxanne Cabanero. I guess we don't have to stress the encircled section of the image. A bigger section of it is obviously hidden because most likely the woman is completely naked.

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So, what are we really trying to say? Here it goes...

A certain composite photo shows a close comparison of Cabanero's scar (birth mark, or whatsoever) on her right arm. Could you now make your own conclusion if the nude photo of the former beauty aspirant is fake or not?

Bits of information on the rape complaint issue.

  • Atty. Virgilio Batalla identified the complainant's complete name as Roxanne Acosta Cabañero.
  • Roxanne filed the rape case on Wednesday February 19, 2014 at 4p.m at Pasig City Prosecutor's Office.
  • The alleged rape occurred in 2010. 

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