Foreigner's Racist Comments vs. Megan Young

A foreigner is in hot water following her alleged racist comment on Facebook against the Filipina Miss World 2013 Megan Young.



Devina Deviva said on her post, "Miss Philippines is Miss World? What a joke! I did not know those maids have anything else in them Ha Ha Ha."

Her rude manners on the social networking site caught the attention of many Filipinos, who initially went on defending the overseas filipino workers. Here's a video clip showing her racist comments against Megan Young and the Filipinos in general.

Deviva is reportedly living in Singapore. Below is one of her photos from her own Facebook account.


Many hate campaigns are being put up on Facebook but don't like to be part of it. Let's properly channel our feedback to her. Let's calm down and be educated in our manners too. Come to think of this, if we will bash her online, will it make us look more professional than her?

UPDATE: An open letter from a British man about the racist comments of Devina has gone viral on Facebook

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