List of Philippine holidays for 2014

It's time to plan your leaves as early as now because the official list of Philippine holidays is already out!

President Benigno Aquino III signed Proclamation 655, which provides the detailed list of regular holidays, special non-working holidays and special holidays in the Philippines for 2014. One notable holiday included in the list is January 31, 2014--Chinese New Year, which falls on a Friday. It has been declared as a special non-working day.



The proclamation listed a total of 10 regular holidays, 7 special non-working days and one special holiday for all schools. 

The regular holidays for 2014 are the following:

1. New Year's Day - January 1 (Wednesday)

2. Araw ng Kagitingan - April 9 (Wednesday)

3. Maundy Thursday - April 17

4. Good Friday - April 18

5. Labor Day - May 1 (Thursday)

6. Independence Day - June 12 (Thursday)

7. National Heroes Day - August 25 (Last Monday of August)

8. Bonifacio Day - November 30 (Sunday)

9. Christmas Day - December 25 (Thursday)

10. Rizal Day - December 30 (Tuesday)

Special non-working days

1. Chinese New Year - January 31 (Friday)

2. Black Saturday - April 19

3. Ninoy Aquino Day - August 21 (Thursday)

4. All Saints Day - November 1 (Saturday)

5. December 24 (Wednesday)

6. December 26 (Friday)

7. December 31 (Wednesday)

Special Holiday for all schools

EDSA Revolution Anniversary - February 25 (Tuesday)

Malacañang said proclamations declaring national holidays for the observance of Eid’l Fitr and Eidul Adha "shall hereafter be issued after the approximate dates of the Islamic holidays have been determined in accordance with the Islamic calendar (Hijra) or the lunar calendar, or upon Islamic astronomical calculations, whichever is possible or convenient." - texts from ABS-CBN news

Pin the list of Philippine holidays to aid you in drafting your plans  for 2014. And be wise in choosing your vacation leaves, okay? ;)

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