Wally Bayola-EB Babe Yosh Sex Video Scandal hits online via Youtube Video Sharing Site(Sept 08 Update)

Wally Bayola-EB Babe Yosh Sex Video Scandal hits online via Youtube Video Sharing Site


Oh my Yosh!


(Latest Update, September 08, 2013) Yet another celebrity sex video scandal has gone viral on the web after an anonymous user allegedly uploaded the scandalous video in Youtube.

41-year-old Wally Bayola, one of the famous hosts of the noontime show-EAT BULAGA and married to a non-showbiz personality, has allegedly recorded a sex video together with EB Babe Yosh. Gossip websites reported that the sex video of Wally and Yosh was leaked and has been spread by netizens to social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

In the 3-minute sex video***, Wally and Yosh had an intimate bed scene on top of a blue mattress. I don't know if they were into love-making or something else. Just read between the lines. Anyways, at the latter part of the sex video, Wally moved the camera and pointed it straight into the lower body part of Yosh, where a dripping juice was coming out of her.

The camp of Wally remains mum over the viral sex video. The evening news program, 24-oras' entertainment segment Chika minute, has also reported that the alleged EB babe in the sex video declined to comment the issue.

Last month, the sex video scandal of Chito Miranda and his girlfriend Neri Naig circulated on different websites when Chito's computer hard drive was allegedly stolen from his house.


Wally, your sex video is circulating online like a wildfire and your wife might have seen the sex video already. I know it will be hard to defend yourself from your loving partner in life but just do whatever you think would save your marriage. The sex video scandal with Yosh is like a life and death situation for you but hopefully everything will be all right. Good luck Wally!

And to our readers, we hope that the sex video of EB Babe Yosh and Wally won't cover the Pork Barrel issue. :(

UPDATE#1: ***A longer version of Wally-Yosh sex video scandal is also circulating in several video sharing sites which runs about six (6) minutes.
UPDATE#2: Wally has five(5) children.
Update#3 (September 4, 2013): According to GMA's Balitanghali, Wally's manager-Malou Chua-Pagar said that for the meantime the comedian won't appear on EAT Bulaga. The news report, however, did not mention the exact date of Wally's return to the popular noontime show.

UPDATE#5 (September 5, 2013): Typo error on our previous update. We misspelled the name of Wally's manager. It should be "Malou Choa-Fagar". More importantly, Pep.ph has clarified that the alleged Twitter account of Jose Manalo is FAKE! The official twitter account of EAT Bulaga also made the following post:

"Hi mga Dabarkads! Wala pong twitter account si Dabarkads Jose."

Multiple netizens and even local bloggers quoted the post of the fake @manalo_jose twitter account. Good thing we didn't include that update last night.

UPDATE#6(September 7, 2013): (This is "NOT" a reliable info though this update was taken from a mainstream tabloid-Abante-tonite.) The post specificically highlighted Yoshika Rivera's broken laptop, which was allegedly fixed by a computer technician. The leaked sex video was reportedly taken from it. The author of the post even bragged their source and said;

May kakilala kami kung saan ipinaayos ni Yosh ang naturang laptop pero ayaw niyang sabihin sa amin kung sino at kung itong nag-ayos nga ba ang nagkalat ng natu­rang video.

At the middle of the article, it shows vagueness and confusion since it mentioned;

Kung anu-anong kuwentong nakarating sa amin tungkol sa namagitan kina Wally at Yosh. Pawang tsismis lamang iyun at walang nagkumpirma sa amin kung totoo ito o hindi.

The author has contradicting points. Why say that you have a credible source and you know where the laptop was fixed, then later state that all received information were just rumors? They are simply trying to make news! Moreover, Abante-tonite's post said that Rizza, the wife of Wally, allegedly decided to stick with the controversial comedian with their daughter, who is a cancer patient.

This is more of a "kuryente" news, as what the locals are commonly using to describe a fake and not credible information.

Update#7 September 8, 2013:

“The Buzz” tried to get Wally's comment through his manager, Malou Choa Fagar, but the executive only replied to say they do not have any comment on the matter. 

According to the source of “The Buzz”(whose name has not been disclosed), the comedian's alleged sex video scandal did not become a cause for Bayola and his wife of almost 20 years to end their marriage. The source said Bayola’s wife continues to support the comedian amid this trying time. -ABS-CBN news

We hate hearing "unnamed and unspecified sources" but that's what they keep on telling us. Very awful journalism, right?

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