Neri Naig and Chito Miranda Sex Video Scandal goes Viral

Neri Naig and Chito Miranda Sex Video Scandal goes Viral


The famous vocalist of the rock band "Parokya ni Edgar", Chito Miranda, is currently involved in a viral sex video scandal. The said sex tape is making the rounds in several social networking sites.


The sex video scandal of Chito Miranda features his girlfriend, a former "Star Circle Quest" finalist, Neri Naig. In the said sex video, Chito indulges an intimate bed scene with Neri. They started to make out on top of their bed and later they moved onto their sofa. The whole sex video runs roughly seven (7) minutes.

In a report of ABS-CBN news, the 37-year-old singer said he is "saddened" by the circulation of private photos and sex video showing him and his girlfriend.

"We are truly saddened by the fact na may nag-leak na private video of me and my girlfriend, Neri Naig," Chito said in a post on the official Facebook page of Parokya ni Edgar. "Humihingi po ako ng paumanhin sa mga pamilya namin for this unfortunate incident. Thank you for your prayers," Chito Miranda added. The vocalist reiterated the message on his Instagram page. While on his Twitter account, Miranda claimed that his computer hard drive where he stored the recorded sex video was stolen from him.

There has been so many sex video scandals involving local celebrities. In 2012, the viral Ramgen-Janelle Sex Tape was placed under legal investigation and in May 2013, the scandalous naked photo of Marjorie Barretto was circulating online like a wildfire.

We believe that in the future, many of them will still record their bed scenes for whatever purpose it would serve to them. However, they should be aware that once the video gets into the hands of other people, regardless if it is intentional or not, sooner or later such sex video scandal will find its way into the internet. So better keep it secret or better yet... DON'T RECORD and STOP making SEX VIDEOs!

Update#1(August 4, 3AM New York Time): Chito Miranda uploaded a photo on the official Facebook page of Parokya ni Edgar with a caption "Di nyo kami matitinag." It seems they're feeling good despite the circulation of their sex tape. Here's the picture of Neri and Chito that we are talking about.


Update#2(August 4, 10PM New York Time): Many of our followers are asking our take regarding the scandal of Neri Naig. So, here's our short feedback.

The sex video per se is not a big deal to That's something personal. They are lovers and maybe both of them find it "HOT" to record their intimate bed scenes. For us, recording your own sex video is not an issue but KEEPING IT SAFE is a big debate. The technology nowadays is way too different from what we had two decades ago. We are no longer using a Video Home System (VHS). There are so many softwares that can unlock your computer in times that you could no longer remember your own password.

And to the email sender who asked, "Are they not sick?". We are sorry to say this-- I guess you are sick and not Chito nor Neri.

Update#3: (August 9, 6:46PM New York Time): Son of Chito Miranda allegedly Leaks the controversial Sex Video Scandal of Neri Naig

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