Robinsons Galleria - Legendary Snake is the source of their Wealth (with Video)


Robinsons' Snake video is again making the rounds of social media. The snake has a humanoid head complete with blonde hair.

A couple of videos are circulating again after the company announced the opening of new malls in Malabon and Cebu. Robinsons Land Corp. (RLC) is also set to open a new supermarket in Eastwood City on Thursday.


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Here are some of the versions of the Robinsons Galleria's snake.

The snake was supposedly RLC tycoon John Gokongwei’s son, and the twin brother of Robina Gokongwei-Pe.

The snakeman had access to the mall’s CCTV cameras, and would spy on women in the dressing rooms. If he saw a woman it liked, it would flip a switch and the woman would drop through a hole in the floor, straight into its arms.

 Another version:

The snake was a female and laid golden eggs, the source of the Gokongwei family’s wealth.

3rd version:

Gokongwei kept a giant snake in the mall to ensure prosperity, and women in the dressing rooms would be chosen for the reptile to eat.

Actress Alice Dixon was once rumored to be among the snake’s almost-victims, and was allegedly paid a considerable amount to keep her silence.

RELATED STORY: 8-year-old "snake girl" in Thailand

However, in a speech of Gokongwei-Pe in 2008 at the University of the Philippines’ School of Economics she told the
graduating students:

"I have no idea who started this incredible story. A few people still ask me about it, and I have to tell them na naging
handbag na ho sa Robinsons Department Store.

"Thank goodness there was no Internet yet at that time, or you would start receiving photos of me with a snake’s body and my kakambal na snake with a woman’s legs,” she said.

Source: ABS CBN news

This legend is not specific to Robinsons Galleria. When I was still a kid, my mom told me that Gaisano Malls also have a domisticated snake which serves as the lucky charm of the company.

Anyways, I have three major things to highlight.

The first legend version above reflects the crab mentality of Filipinos. This version began when Robinsons opened a mall in Cebu sometime in the mid 80s. I guess majority of the Filipinos during that time observed the growth of Robinsons. It is also possible that this version was started by one of the strongest competitors of Robinson's Galleria
who wanted to destroy the good reputation of Robinsons Galleria to its customers.

While the second version resonates the laziness of Filipinos. I mean Filipinos wants to have money even without a single sweat. Can you imagine yourself being surrounded by golden eggs? That's an easy money.

Finally the 3rd version represents how desperate Filipinos are. The version implies that Filipinos may even risk to be in the situation of Alice Dixon in order to obtain large amount of cash.

Now, recently it has been rumored that the snake is already dead but I can guarantee that this urban legend will continue to spread and will be passed from one generation to another because Filipinos make gossips as their pastime.

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