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NO PANTY Day is trending in social media websites. As what it explicitly says it encourages women not to wear their undies. I could not validate the authenticity of this event and I could not figure out who is the main source of this hot topic. I searched several keywords that could be related to this topic but unfortunately it all directed me to blog sites who don't have any idea too. 

Wikipedia has an article called NO PANTS Day which says,

No Pants Day is a participatory holiday that happens on the first Friday in June. The holiday is based on the premise of having people spend their day not wearing any pants(trousers). Participants are challenged to act as if there is nothing strange about not wearing pants in public. The liberation of breaking a social taboo and seeing the reaction of people not aware of the event generally makes the event fun for its participants.


Could it be the source a pervert? I don't know. I don't have any clue. Here in the Philippines, actress Izza Ignacio admitted that she doesn't wear undies when she goes out because she feels uncomfortable (ABS CBN interview in late 90's).

But one thing for sure, the astronomical summer (Northern Hemisphere) began Wednesday,20 June 2012, and ends Friday21 September 2012. So it maybe literally hot in some places which drives people to take off their clothes even their undies to feel better.

Latest Story: No Panty Day June 22, 2016 Celebration

Here are some photos I got from google searches regarding "NO PANTS DAY".


I don't have the exact geophysical locations of the photos below.

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  • Comment from: admin
    06/25/12 @ 10:48:42 am

    LOL! This is a crazy idea but if I have to join then I can do it at home-I can’t dare to go out and hang around with my friends.

  • Lawrence
    Comment from: Lawrence
    06/25/12 @ 08:50:35 am

    did you join? lol